Úrsula books, the publisher

Úrsula is an independent publisher. First launched in 2013, in 2019 we reinvented ourselves. We are a team of professionals with long-established links to the world of the image, text and book publishing. We are interested in highlighting cultural heritage with a contemporary perspective. Art, architecture and landscape, but also writing and thought, give value to our books, which can include collections as required. We enjoy being a small, independent and collaborative publisher, regardless of the impositions of the ‘bigger market’. We still believe in the book as an object and in the great window to the world that its pages open. In each and every one of our projects, we seek the complicity of professionals in the areas of writing, photography and design. But, above all, we seek the reader's complicity, which gives meaning to the project.

Úrsula, the online bookshop

In addition to publishing, we are also an online bookstore, a showcase at the disposal of museums, cultural institutions and social initiatives, and at the same time a point of sale for your publications. It is not always easy for them to reach the public. On the other hand, potential readers often find specialist publications difficult to locate. Our online bookstore is the link in this chain. For institutions, we offer an extensive catalogue specialising in art and culture publications. And for readers and lovers of books and images, we offer a space in which to find specific publications, with a fast and guaranteed delivery. We work with courier services who care about the working conditions of their staff. 

Úrsula art editions

An open space for the publishing of art on paper. Graphic and photographic work by prominent contemporary artists, including serial and limited editions. We offer quality at affordable prices and the idea that art within reach is not impossible.

Cristina Masanés

She has participated in all types of writing and communication projects (press, publicity, exhibitions, historical articles and cultural heritage, guides, biography and essays), before moving to this small and collaborative publishing house. She is convinced that what makes us human is the word. With a degree in philosophy, she is concerned that each project has its unique sense of identity.

Vador Minobis

The midfielder that every team needs. Maquette-designer, manager, itinerary-maker and just about everything else. He is always looking for solutions. His professional career has included working as a social educator, in an oil mill and as a forest ranger, before spending 15 years in the publishing world.

Joan Colomer

A graphic artist for more than 25 years, a job that allows him to listen, look, think, imagine, project, be prudent, daring ... He attended the birth of Ursula and fainted. He is recovering.

Berta Puig

With a degree in public administration, she has worked in the world of photography, publishing and museums. Reliable at work, with initiative and a good dose of creativity,He currently combines his work at the Toy Museum of Catalonia with managing social networks for various clients.

Jordi Puig

Photographer and editor. Linked to the world of art and many social initiatives. He has detailed knowledge of the geographical and human landscape of the Girona region, but his work also extends throughout Spain. As a photographer, he places the spotlight on the motif, whether landscape, object, person or cathedral, while putting himself at the service of the client. He is the author of more than 50 books and has contributed to many more. 

Imma Parada

Philologist and social activist, she has been working in the field of cultural communication for years. She offers the element of reason that acts as a counterpoint to the more creative members, providing the team with its knowledge in the field of media, while also supporting their social commitment and their good judgment in everything.

Sebi Subirós

Engraver with a solid career, he has specialised in providing technical advice to artists. From his engraving workshop, Lupusgràfic Edicions, he offers the best manual and photomechanical engraving techniques. In his gallery, Espai U, he has exhibited the graphic work of renowned contemporary artists. Those who know him say that, in addition to his technical abilities, his sound working attitudes always make things easy.

Úrsula's friends

To the many friends and cultural   professionals who have generously offered to collaborate with Úrsula’s team, sharing their knowledge and humanity, we take this space to give our heartfelt thanks. 

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